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Work more closely with US to find a new level of drive, motivation and SUCCESS.

You have the culinary talent, skill, and heart and are searching for a way to create a living outside the traditional restaurant industry but feel lost or confused about how to start, run, and grow your personal chef business. 

You're in the right place, right now.

Whether you want to get clarity on what the next right step is or build your business from the ground up, our proven system and support can literally fire you up to create the culinary business of your dreams.

We're ready to get you to the next level in your life... Are YOU?

Yes, I Want Hands-On Help to Become a Chefpreneur

"The biggest reason people don't reach their fullest potential is right between their two ears. Mindset is everything."

~ Chef Andres

Chefpreneurs are...

  • Creative:  Ready and willing to continuously offer new perspectives and ideas on food and the industry. 
  • Innovative:  Know what it means to "use what you've got" and make something remarkable.
  • Experienced: Whether it's in a chef du cuisine role or years of experience in a home kitchen, Chefpreneurs know their strengths and continue to learn and get better.
  • Hungry:  Literally (cooks just are!) and figuratively - ready for the next challenge in the kitchen and in life.

This is not for everyone...

Even if you ARE a professional chef... our programs are not for you if you're willing to settle for:

  • Being yelled at by an ungrateful boss
  • Not living up to your full culinary potential
  • Not serving your clients at the highest level
  • ​​Cooking the food you're told to cook instead of what you love to cook
  • ​​Working 60+ hour weeks with little to no appreciation
  • ​​Getting called in to work at VERY short notice (or on your day off)
  • ​Being paid a mediocre salary working in a crappy kitchen
  • ​​Working for someone else forever and not becoming your own boss

You love to serve. And you deserve more.

learn how you can work more closely with

Chef Andres and His Team

limited spots available

Yes, I Want Hands-On Help to Become a Chefpreneur

about chef andres hinojosa

Chef Andres has been leading and helping hundreds of passionate Chefs and Cooks start their own successful Personal Chef business for the past 3 years.

Before Chefpreneur, with some money in savings and a heart for entrepreneurship, he ventured out on his own. He was so tired of “paying his dues” to an industry that’ll eat you up and spit you out he blindly started up businesses many think is the ultimate dream, pop-ups and restaurants. His savings was almost instantly spent on food, labor, and overhead costs. Eventually he couldn’t make ends meet and had no choice but to move his family of 4 in with his sister.

That was 6 years ago… Today, he makes over $500k every year with his Personal Chef Business, 'Dinner with a Chef', in San Diego.

Because he never gave up on his desire to give his family a better life and pursued what he knew God was calling him to do, his faith and determination paid off. He finally discovered a simple way for anyone to start and scale a Personal Chef Business in just one week for less than $500 bucks and be successful.

Now that he’s built and scaled his business, Dinner with a Chef, his team of Chefs, Servers, and an Event Coordinator help run it day to day so he can focus on what he’s truly passionate about, helping others do the same.

what others are saying

about chefpreneur

WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING about chefpreneur

Chef Duane
The Gourmet Guide

"I’ve owned businesses before and the hardest thing coming into an opportunity with no clue on how to execute is knowing the red tape involved. The Chefpreneur Program simplified those steps, lays them out in a blueprint that is very easy to follow, and to be perfectly honest I would not have the success I have right now if I did not have that blueprint to help guide my steps."

Chef Michael
Modern Elegance

 "I just wanted to tell you I thank you very much. You’re amazing, and without you I’d be clueless about my career. I love what I do and I’m good at it. You have helped refine me. Also… I quit my job and have become a full-time Chefpreneur!!!"

Chef Wilson
Luxury Feast

"Before joining Chefpreneur my biggest challenges were pricing my services and getting and booking leads. I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing and wondered if I should go back to working 14 hour days in a restaurant and being broke. But after the program I knew how to price my services, how to book clients, and went from 20% to 80% closure on my sales calls. The Chefpreneur Masterclass is the perfect class for you."

You love to serve. And you deserve more.

learn how you can work more closely with

Chef Andres and His Team

limited spots available

Yes, I Want Hands-On Help to Become a Chefpreneur

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